Five Key Benefits

  1. The needs of all levels of individuals and organizations can be met through a range of programs leading to valuable professional degrees.
  2. Prior learning and experience are recognized, and individuals without traditional college prerequisites may be admitted into programs, following an assessment.
  3. Underpinned by essential business theory, programs focus firmly on your specific business agenda and workplace challenges.
  4. Successful workplace projects can be highly visible, promoting personal empowerment, enhancing professional reputations and increasing the prospects of promotion.
  5. Tutoring, mentoring, course materials and library are delivered via the Internet to ensure easy and rapid access from any workplace worldwide.

Revans University program has four basic features:

  • Projects or problems on which to work
  • Clients for whom to work
  • A group of "cohorts in adversity" with whom to work, known as a "Set".
  • A "Set Adviser" and tutors to facilitate the learning process
Revans University - Vila, Vanuatu 2006
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