Revans University is dedicated to providing local as well as Internet resourced Action Learning professional qualification programs globally. Revans University is recognized by the Standing Commission of Workplace Action Learning.

Our University Mission is unique. We are wholly committed to the use of Action Learning processes to enable career development. Furthermore, we require that program participants be in employment, which can offer a rich and effective source of issues and challenges calling for action based learning. Assignments require Associates to confront a workplace problem, analyze it, draw conclusions and take action based upon their information and data.

Effectiveness and development are key concerns for professionals at all levels, and an increasingly competitive global economy means that individual managers must address the need to be effective. Revans University's learning programs are uniquely and completely relevant to the business agenda as they address the business imperatives and challenges of the present and future.

Although Associates may complete their studies in their own language, all virtual library resources are provided in the English language. Competency is an admission requirement.

The International Management Centres Association, the world's leading global Action Learning association, sponsors Revans University. All who commence our University programs automatically gain immediate gratis access to IMCA professional services for a year as Associate Members.

IMCA is dedicated to lifelong Action Learning and continuing professional development on an individual, in-company and consortium basis. Founded as a professional society in 1964 by graduates of Britain's earliest business schools, IMCA launched its own Action Learning programs in 1982. Other countries around the world have followed. In 1994 IMCA became the first business school to offer Action Learning programs worldwide using the Internet as the main medium for information dissemination, delivery and communication. Today, IMCA can boast over twenty years' experience of management development worldwide; its unique learning programs are designed and implemented within a network of academic partners around the world.

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