Postgraduate Credits and Master in

The University, which is dedicated to virtual and distance education, is delighted to offer a pattern of Postgraduate credits and a Masters award focused on Arts and Tourism in partnership with the Global Association of Arts and Tourism.

All involved in Arts & Tourism who hold a Bachelor degree or its professional equivalent are welcome to enrol. The degree of Master in Arts & Tourism requires 39 Credits made up of 13 x 3 Credit courses or assignments.

All 'students', known at the University as Associates, normally commence their action learning studies with a double course (6 credits) entitled: My Own Experience and Involvement with Arts & Tourism to Date, in some 6000 words. It is an analytical assignment concerning all the activities with which the Associate has thus far been involved and what has been learned from them.

Participants at the Association's Biennial Seminars or Conferences [e.g. Moosejaw(2002), Lindsay(2003), Ely(2004), Bowen(2005), Prestoungrange(2006)] can if they wish alternatively commence with a single course (3 credits) entitled: Summary and Analysis of What I Learned at the Seminar/Conference, in some 3000 words.

A special Workshop is available face to face at all Seminars and Conferences for Associates who have enrolled for at least one course. The main means of communication for Associates is on the Internet at the University's Discussion Forums. A dedicated to Forum is established for the Arts & Tourism Associates, and the first Associates are already following their study from Scotland.

The balance of the 39 credits required for any wishing to proceed to the full Master award is individually designed for each Associate on the basis of the initial assignments and the Associate's own preferred area for growth and personal development. N.B. In circumstances when Associates are experienced managers in Arts Tourism, credit can be gained for prior programmes and experimental learning up to a maximum of 10 credits. Eligibility for some or all of this credit is assessed after completion of the inital assignment.

Fees payable per 3 credit course are $US 500, which includes on-line library access and tuition. The total cost for the award of Master in partnership with the Global Association is accordingly $US 6500 plus Master's Graduation and Final Oral Examination of $US 750. Exceptionally for Associates from the Global Association, the credit courses described (i.e. the first 9 credits) above are available at on attendee's Scholarship level of 50%, i.e. $US 250 per 3 credits.

Formal certification/ transcript for each 3 credits gained is provided by the University on successful completion.

Dr Gordon Prestoungrange 


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